Discover WIBO.

For the modern woman.

Wibo has it all! A wide and cheerful range of nail polishes and eyeshadows, lipsticks or a famous award-winning mascara in Poland. The brand is being successful in Spain thanks to its constant innovations, new product launches, or collaborations with celebrities and influencers.



It focuses on a dynamic, familiar, original, cheerful, radiant woman, amazed by fashion and technologies and who says yes to being unique.





Wibo is another makeup brand that is imported and distributed by Trending Import in Spain. Wibo is a leading cosmetics manufacturing company in Poland and its success is based on their products development following the latest market trends regarding colors and textures with affordable prices for all budgets.

Best results for special evenings

  • Extreme Nails
  • Iron Hard
  • Cuticle Remover
  • Diamond Hard
  • SOS Weak Nails
  • Calcium Milk Therapy
  • Fluo To Coat
  • Coat Manicure
  • Chick Matte
  • French Manicure
  • Incredible Gel Krok. 2
  • Incredible Gel Top Coat
  • Serum Z Keratina I Miodem
  • 9IN1 Argan Power
  • Incredible Gel Krok. 1 Base
  • Stylish Needle
  • Precious Nails – Nail Polish
  • Spicy Lip Gloss
  • Lip Sensation
  • Million Dollar Lips
  • NUDE Lips
  • GLOSSY Nude
  • Juicy Color Lipstick
  • Lip Define Pencil
  • Forever Top Coat
  • Adorable
  • Million Dollar Matte Liner
  • Aromatic Sugar Lip Peeling
  • Wonderful Lips
  • Care my Lips
  • Feel My lips
  • Big Lips
  • Long Lasting Liner
  • Smoky Edition Gonude
  • Automatic Liner
  • Eye Liner
  • Growing lashes – Stimulator mascara
  • Extreme lashes – Volume mascara
  • Eye Liner – Waterproof
  • Electric Blue
  • Panoramic lashes – Mascara
  • Boom Boom – Mascara
  • Eye Shadow Base
  • Vitamin your lashes – Rewi Alizacja
  • Queen Size
  • Neutral – Eye Shadow Palette
  • Lash Extravaganza
  • Volume Drama
  • Volume Drama – Henna
  • I Choose What I Want – Eye Shadow
  • Incredible BLACK
  • Upper & Lowe Lashes Definition
  • Anabel Mua – #mychoice Wibo
  • Million Dollar – Waterproof Eye Liner
  • Eye Shadow Base
  • Eye Shadow Base – Glitter
  • Under Eye Base – Energy Shot
  • Nude Ttitude – Eyeshadow Palette
  • Make It Last – Water Resistant Mascara
  • LASH MAKER – Pomegranate Extract & Bimatoprost
  • Ink Liner
  • Feel my mind
  • Skinny Nude – Eye Pencil
  • Flock Liner
  • Cherry Nude – Eyeshadow palette
  • Heartbreaker Gonude
  • MODERN Eyeshadow Palette
  • Burlesque
  • Rithm of freedom – Eyeshadow Palette


  • My Choice – Eyeshadow palette.


  • Keep it Perfect – Base para usar antes de aplicar la base de maquillaje
  • Forever better skin – Long-lasting foundation with a medium-natural coverage level, easy to graduate.

How your skin was meant to be

New releases, constant innovations


Its success is based on the development of its products following the latest trends in colors and textures on the market, with prices for all budgets.

wibo looks 

wibo looks 

wibo looks 

and feels good 

and feels good 

and feels good 


It is being very popular also in social media, ¡Wibo is becoming the new favourite brand of Spanish influencers!



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